Anton Iakhontov - Areta

02:17, 2014, Animation
Basically, duo of Patrick K.-H. And Andreas Karaoulanis is a net consists of two spatially separated workstations. It explores various sorts of algorithmic interaction between participants.
Their working process reminds of Cyber-Jam idea contain pre-composed and structured animation pieces, mathematical algorithms and music, based on exploration of some predetermined common sketches, when no other formal aesthetics or genre boundaries are fixed, no rules of acting are applied.
The aim of their work is to give visual interpretation to physical modeling, random generating, stochastic, chain reaction, self-organizing processes. It has been approached from a mathematical, an engineering, point of view, which is at the same time applied as very personal and intuitive, as if pre-scientific artists would receive and learn scientific tools.
For that purpose they utilize a wide range of software - Max/MSP/Jitter, Animata, ppooll, PD, Newton, Processing and self-made patches.
Animation works of Patrick K.-H. And Andreas Karaoulanis has been presented at many festivals in formats of screening, video-installations and as a part of cross-disciplinary performances:
Territoria (Sochi, Russia, 2011), Moscow Biennale of Young Art (Moscow, Russia, 2012), Night of Museums (Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 2011-2013), (UN)imation (Moscow, 2012), Reworks (Greece, 2011), DerBloedeDritterMitwoch, (Vienna, Austria, 2014), SA))m0st (Moscow, Russia, 2014).....

DirectorPatrick K.-h. / Andreas KaraoulanisProducerPatrick K.-h. / Andreas KaraoulanisEditorPatrick K.-h. / Andreas KaraoulanisvComposerPatrick K.-h.

CountryAustriaEdition2014 Blue

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