Adriana Benitez - Bubblegum babe

6:05, 2011, Experimental
Part of the project of fetish pornography Tish-Tish, this video develops the subconscious with the exploitation of the audiovisual side of (apparently) non-sexual acts that can even be part of our daily life. It’s based on a large investigation of how fetishes and paraphilias are dealt by the fetishists themselves on the internet, resulting in porn that stands apart form the most commercial type, for its content and aesthetic; it’s re-inserted on different sites along the web for the fetishist to watch and enjoy. It is an approach that deals with the plasticity that can be reached with the image captured by the video, and the immersive environment of its audio, making this actions break apart from the body, standing on their own; proving us that sex is more than just genitals
DirectorAdriana BenitezProducerAdriana Benitez


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