Chus Domínguez - Catalog of scenes for the death of pier paolo pasolini

48:00, 2011, Documentary
Synopsis: Following the trip Pasolini made in 1959 along the entire coast of Italy as a reporter for the magazine Sucesso, they where located different places as possible scenarios for his death. Understanding cataloging as a tool that allows us to organize knowledge for recovery, this catalog offers the viewer the possibility of redemption of the rebellious individual or the questioning of our acceptance of the critical difference. (Catalog of scenes for the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini Is conceived as an inquiry into the audiovisual cataloging and subsequent exhibition of the possible scenarios for the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini, a figure which is taken as an example of rebellious, feared (and hated for the Power) intellectual / artist person. This proposal arises from of the revision the route that PPP held in 1959 along the Italian coast, on a intensive and vital trip which made landfall in the place where years later he would die violently. the places visited on this trip are proposed as possible scenarios for death, and their cataloging and displaying, as the possibility of redemption of the rebellious member of the society, or at least the questioning of our acceptance of the rebellious and critical difference.
DirectorChus DomínguezProducerJesús M. DomínguezWriterChus DomínguezCameraVerena Vidal, Chus DomínguezEditorChus Domínguez

CountrySpainSubtitlesEnglishEdition2012 Screenings•DOCUMENTA, International Documentary Film Festival. National Scene (Madrid, Spain) May 2012 •LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, (Canary Islands , Spain) March 2012 •URBAN RESEARCH ON FILM - DIRECTORS LOUNGE 2012 (contemporary art and media) Naherholung Sternchen. Kino International/Rathaus Mitte (Berlin, Germany) Feb 2012 • RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES, at the Centre Pompidou (París, France), Nov 2011 Awards•Award for Best Image Treatment (international) SCDF III/Rojas, Film Festival made in photo camera (Buenos Aires, Argentine) July 2012

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