Clayton Flynn - Warsongsaturn

9:21, 2012, Video Art
This video is second in a series of 5 created between 2008 and 2011 in collaboration with the band Cristal and their record company FSS. These are not music videos, instead I view them as utilizing pre-existing sound.
"Following an aesthetic tradition that recalls early modernist and avant garde film and video, Flynn’s video work aims to take us on a journey of some kind - be it astral, metaphysical, or narrative. Flynn utilizes often subtle, sometimes direct, religious and mythical symbols in combination with imagery of the universe derived from sources varying from NASA satellites to Mars rovers. Working for several years in collaboration with Virgina-based Cristal, the artist masterfully combines the minimal sounds of the group to heighten the affect of his images on the viewer."
- Alexander Ferrando, Flash Art

DirectorClayton Flynn


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