Clara Aparicio Yoldi - Fragmented memory

3:04, 2013, Animation
Memory is not just the capacity of the individual to establish, preserve and remember the past. Memory recalls unmethodically fragments of the past. It doesn’t necessarily see History as an intellectual operation, trying to make past facts look comprehensible. In post-industrial society we are witnessing information overload. This occurs when the amount of input in a system exceeds its processing capacity. We have fairly limited cognitive processing capacity, so when information overload occurs, it is likely that a reduction in decision quality will occur. In the different mediums of expression (literature, cinema, visual arts...), we are assisting to the fragmentation of the narrative discourse. We are questioning the traditional narrative resources with the juxtaposition of images, texts, copy-paste collages and a schizophrenic nature. In cyberspace, documents combine musical fragments with other sounds, texts, images...etc. It is this combination of concrete elements that produces the abstract meaning. Hypertext is a new kind of montage, a return to Eisenstein’s intellectual montage.
DirectorClara Aparicio YoldiProducerAclararteComposerCiara Clifford

CountryUKEdition2014 Orange

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