Cyril Galmiche - D46(24)

11:22, 2015, Experimental
This project is made of 20 videos captured during the same day, with a camera in a car, on the D46 road in Dordogne between Sarlat and Vitrac. Each video follows a endless path that can be compared to a continuous path in the landscape.  The juxtaposition of views leads the viewer to a form of temporal ubiquity experience. He is present in the same place at different times simultaneously.
In general, the road, thanks to continuous movement it produces, allows us to reach a particular state of consciousness, accentuated by the markings, the repetition of road elements and the noise of the car. This is accentuated specifically since the D46 has many curves and forces to drive at the same speed. Experience is temporalized monotonically.
The D46 road shows how the light changes the space and acts on the volumes. With the synchronization of spatial elements, the landscape becomes the light changes support.
DirectorCyril Galmiche

CountryFranceLanguageEnglishSubtitles-Edition2015 OrchidScreenings2015 : A + A = (cG + nF) M3, Le Mètre Cube (Montignac, France)

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