Craig Kerrecoe - Within the weave

7:00, 2008, Video Art
The work of craig kerrecoe and esther appleyard is distinctly different yet united in the concern of exploring the essence of identity, or ‘free-will’ verses pre-destination. in "a series of lines", a collaborative exhibition shown at worcester city art gallery & museum, both artists use dna as their subject to investigate these issues, opening up a dialogue concerning the question of whether we are in control of our own destiny, or merely pre-disposed to live out our lives according to our genetic heritage or programming. "within the weave" is a seven minute short film bringing together images, photographs, video, animation, sound and sentiments in support of the exhibition and offering answers to some of teh questions raised by the exhibition.
DirectorCraig KerrecoeProducerCraig KerrecoeWriterCraig Kerrecoe/esther AppleyardCameraCraig KerrecoeEditorCraig KerrecoeCrewEsther Appleyard

CountryUnited KingdomSubtitlesEnglishEdition2008 ScreeningsThe watercolour gallery at worcester city art gallery & museum, april/may 08 ovenden contemporary web-site

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