Craig Langlois - Untitled

6:00, 2008, Experimental
I am...
A sculptor and functional ceramicist
A educator
A product of suburban up bringing and middle child syndrome
A person who has written scientific papers supporting the use and labeling of liposuction as a renewable energy source
A supporter of deadpan humor movements everywhere
A proud owner of 12 week old puppy named Lelu
A indie film buff
A recipient of three college degrees and student debt that has just as many zeros
A Virgo
A lover of fine slow cooked food
A land owner
A art critic who makes no distinctions between high and low art- although I do believe in bad and good art
A happily married man
A individual interested in how things are constructed both physically and metaphysically  
A avid non fiction reader
A creator of a 2,000 page flip book celebrating the forbidden love of ginger bread man and a snowwoman
A believer in measuring intelligence by more then IQ
A practicing sustainable gardener
A celebrator of his less then one percentage of unique DNA sequencing    
A advocate for free information and knowledge.

A exploration into the duality of emotion and context in non verbal communication.
DirectorCraig LangloisProducerCraig Langlois


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