Cristina Pavesi - Giallo (jellow)

4:00, 2014, Video Art
How things can change in just fifteen days. (I have hidden an object per day to still life while flowers were being dried).
The video is part of my project to revitalize the still life as a genre renewed by the time factor and the movement of the video as a medium.
Revisiting the classic genre of still life, inspired by Flemish painting and by Caravaggio’s paintings, shapes and colors are enhanced by the light contrasting with the black background. As in paintings subjects are in complete stillness, in videos there is the fourth dimension, time, which gives further metaphorical depth to the image.
DirectorCristina Pavesi

CountryItalyEdition2014 GreenScreeningsFestival Miden 2014, 3-5 July, Kalamata, Greece.
Cologne OFF X the nomadic festival project 2014/2015

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