Federico Acal - I have got a freeze frame in my head

7:30, 2008, Experimental
I’ve got a freeze frame in my head has two different, but connected, levels of representation. the first one is a character walking down a crowded street and this is how the video starts. the character is listening to music when something got stopped in time and the second level of representation or story starts out. it consists of a city situated in a strange space. this city doesn’t look particular; it is just like any other city. this video work explores the concept of the story within the story. the idea of exploring and representing other worlds and inner places which could exist in our daily life and we might not perceive. as well as the vulnerability and fragility which are behind every human story.
DirectorFederico AcalProducerFederico AcalWriterFederico AcalCameraFederico AcalCrewRaul almendros


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