Federico Acal - Confetti in stereo

5:30, 2007, Experimental
Confetti in stereo starts with the presentation of a scenario which is a loudspeaker, after that, and by two video channels, the scenes are introduced. the left video channel is linked to the left sound channel and the right video channel with the right sound channel. apparently, there is no argument or story behind, however there is a visual narrative, the acoustic pressure makes the confetti move and jump out of the speaker. this project has a sound origin; it was born from an acoustic idea however it became a moving picture work with a strong relationship between sound and image: what you see moving is directly related to what you hear.
DirectorFederico AcalProducerFederico AcalWriterFederico AcalCameraFederico AcalCrewRaul almendros

CountrySpainEdition2008 Screenings- videoakt international video art show at glogaurair. berlin, germany. - synch music videos festival at benaki museum. athens, greece. - baumann film festival. official section. barcelona, spain.

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