Fabio Scacchioli - From a land of ashes and mist

22:59, 2010, Documentary
Starting from 50 reels of [[8mm]] and [[super8]] film recovered in L’Aquila (Italy) and nearby towns after the [[earthquake]] of 6 April 2009 (many of them literally torn to rubble tanks to the courage and the help af their owners), I tried to describe the disaster of earthquake to reach a general reflection on [[memory]] and its stratification. Audiovisual material used is quite varied: in addition to home movies, are in fact [[footage]] from everyday people with camcorders, cameras or cell phones during the moments, days and months following the quake, as well as pictures shoted by me in L’Aquila and surroundings. The difference between the audiovisual media is not only a technical detail, but also assumes an aesthetic and substantial value, in that it represents one of the factors that most show the passage of [[time]] and his "work" on the individual and collective memory. Through the alternation, overlapping, the merging of private images of family life with dramatic images of the same places after the earthquake, the city becomes a [[metaphor]] of the fragility of memory, while an invitation to cultivate its value as private and as a community.
DirectorFabio ScacchioliWriterFabio ScacchioliCameraFabio ScacchioliEditorFabio ScacchioliCrewMusic: Vincenzo Core
voice: Elena Vanni

CountryItalySubtitlesEnglishEdition2011 ScreeningsS.A.L.E.Docks, Venice (Italy). Group exhibition.
La Vidéothèque s’expose, Paris (France). Screening.
Festival Images Contre Nature - Marseille (France).
Asolo Art Film Festival - Asolo (Italy)

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