Farah Rahman - Cosmic giggle

1:00, 2006, Experimental
Be open minded. Don’t pin your self to an ideology or you miss out.
DirectorFarah Rahman


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Who is Farah Rahman?
I was born twenty-five years ago in The Hague, The Netherlands. The only daughter of Simon and Amina Rahman who took me too see a lot of the beautiful world.
5 yrs ago a friend asked me to do some vj’ing at a club. With no experience at all, didn’t even produce my own material. I only had little graphic background from The Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam, i just got started with this crappy mini dv video camera and got totally hooked. I quit my boring DTP job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Applied for a audiovisual design study at the "Willem de Kooning" art academy in Rotterdam. Which by the way was a really good decision!

Why filmmaking?
After my first steps into vj’ing I got hooked and discovered that the interaction with the audience is just so much more interesting...
The only problem was I had little material too show for..
During my application at The Willem De Kooning Academy, where I first applied for graphic design.
I suggested I wanted too to do audiovisual design instead. Next day I got a telephone call from the administrators office. Asking me what I really wanted cause they we’re confused about my application form, "graphic or audiovisual design?" "Audiovisual" i said..."Am i accepted for the academy?" "Well you have too that read between the lines"
Normally it takes two weeks before you get the results...i got mine the day after

Your film is about...
A graphic stop-motion minute.
Voice over by Terence Mckenna’s "Cosmic Giggle"
Be open minded. Don’t pin your self to an ideology or you miss out.
Being aware that everything in the universe is connected, "and then the cosmic giggle can get at u"

Financing your movie?
No finance...

New Media; a challenge for film makers?
I’m planning to make mobile tv movies serie

Do your films have style, just as some painters have?
Stop-motion, raw..

The theory of the Cosmic Giggle (tip: google it)

Individual film making or co-operation?
My dream is too work in a small collective where everybody has their own identity but also can stick together as a strong group.
At the academy we are trained too do everything ourselves, the whole process of filmmaking.
I have too say I prefer this for small projects. And occasionally get some expertise from professionals. For bigger projects it’s just smarter too work in a group. And this can be very satisfying also.

Your plans and dreams...
My very own interactive visual jockey show and travel around the world with this, performing together with talented musical artists...a graphic series for mobile phone tv.
Making a serie for Villa Achterwerk, VPRO

Did you ever have another ambition in life than to become a filmmaker?
When i ws a little girl, i always wanted too be an archaeologist. But i was really disappointed when someone told me everything in the world already had been discovered. Then i decided i wanted too be an astronomic. I figured that there was enough too explore in the universe.

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