Francesca Bardaro - Aware anesthesia

4:32, 2010, Video Art
The video “Aware Anesthesia” is an attempt to reflect in a critical way about our contemporary “Society of Control” trying to express visually the “tacit dimension” in human psychology in relation to the use of technology.
This project wants to metaphorically visualize the anesthetized human psychology, trapped in the unaware and habitual use of technological devices, invisible or not, in daily life. People are so addicted to communication technologies, so adapted to this ubiquitous and invisible socio-political structure, that runs through technology and comes directly into our own lives.
Masses became more and more “sedated” and secretly dominated through technology by the highest control powers for the main reason of increasing their power and economics, keep their control and privileges.

Thus human condition comes to a sort of socio-psychological paralysis. Masses know, they are aware of the potential dangers and consequences of an unconscious use of technology but they seem to accept it with normality, without any worries, too much trust, caring just about the immediate and visible commodities and advantages that the technological development carries with itself. As if technology would have a life in itself and its use would be without any interest and direction.
Masses “anesthetized” seem to be unable to establish their rules, to put limits in their privacy, to broke and liberate themselves from this pervasive but transparent control system. They live in it. They are surrounded by it. And worse, they are watched and mapped by it in data, signals and codes.

“Aware Anesthesia” with its transparent box is in micro-scale the story of the two cities of David Brin, the City of Control and the City of Trust. The video shows a claustrophobic identity still in-between the two cities striving to regain the lost power and freedom as soon as possible; it’s an identity that, despite its inactive condition, wants to watch and not just to be watched.
It is at the intersection of both potential directions of our society. It’s definitively an identity inclined to a bidirectional communication and transparency.

DirectorFrancesca BardaroProducerFrancesca BardaroCameraSarah JanssenEditorFrancesca Bardaro

CountryNetherlandsEdition2010 ScreeningsNoorderzoon Festival 2010 - Groningen - The Netherlands

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