Francois Vautier - Ants in my scanner

1:52, 2010, Experimental
"I installed an ant colony inside my scanner five years ago. I scanned the nest each week..."
This short film is an exploration of the aesthetic of life and degradation.
Five years ago, I installed an ant colony inside my old scanner that allowed me to scan in high definition this ever evolving microcosm (animal, vegetable and mineral). The resulting clip is a close-up examination of how these tiny beings live in this unique ant farm. I observed how decay and corrosion slowly but surely invaded the internal organs of the scanner. Nature gradually takes hold of this completely synthetic environment.

The ants are still alive: the process will continue...
DirectorFran├žois VautierProducerFran├žois VautierCrewMusic: Franks - Infected Mushroom


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