Fabienne Gotusso - Baby o #2

1:03, 2011, Experimental
La vision déborde dimages...
DirectorFabienne Gotusso


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Who is Fabienne?
I’m somebody who tries to experiment what diversity may happen at the crossroads between dance, visual arts, new media’s and various other artistic fields in order to invent new languages, new patterns of representation. In my research I explore the relationship between material and virtual, mechanic and organic, in order to understand how the body interact with the changes happening in his surroundings.

Where do you come from?
I was born in Marseille in the south of France where I spent most of my youth. Now I’m living in Paris.

How did you start with film?
Very early on I had an experience of the stage. First as a dancer since the age of three. And then I kept on dancing but always associating it with drawing and writing. What I do is try to displace, to transform the experiments, to get different points of view. I first started with film to ad them in my performances. They helped opening others spaces but became very soon elements to play with. Films are another way to write and create another space at the same time sonic and visual.

What is the film Baby O about?
What you see in this film is shown from the point of view of the mirror. The picture is made up and unmade according to the movement, to the way objects are handled – dolls, bodies, moving shapes.

Do you always use photographs in your films?
Not necessarily. But photographs are a way to keep different stages, to stop the movement. Like visions. « Explosante fixe ».

How important is sound in your films?
The relationship between sound and picture creates a certain atmosphere that seems appropriate with what’s happening. It plays a part in the whole thing.

It seems like there are sexual references in your films?
Yes, the body, the feelings, the senses, sexual desire everything that moves us is at the core of what I care about. My films are translations of emotional states.

How do you choose which photographs you are going to use, and does the order in which you show them matter?
Certain objects, forms are haunting me, obsessing me. I manage to create some climate or some space to let them speak.

What are you working on now?
All the films and performances I’m now working on are parts of a bigger project called Soma which means « body ».

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