Ivanka Bakker - Chungking house - de luxe hotel

32:00, 2006, Documentary
Ivanka Bakker finished her studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1997. Direction graphics design. Her interest shifted towards photography and stories from daily life. Hence why she started in 2000 a study at the Sandberg Institute (Masters program of the Rietveld Academy).

Graduated there in 2002, with the documentary "Chunking House, de Luxe Hotel". A visual documentary that takes place in Hong Kong.
Since 1999 working as visual artist, and independen documentary maker of short and long documentaries.

Her visual, conceptual films aim to show the choices people make in their life, work, social surroundings and future perspectives.
Recently finished a documentary for the IKON, which will be broadcasted on 18 May 2006. Currently she’s working on a documentary for the NCRV which will be released late 2006.
Her films are shown on national, and international documentary and art film festivals.
DirectorIvanka BakkerProducerIvanka Bakker


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