Jeffrey Allen Price - Digi scribble scrabble #1

2:00, 2012, Experimental
My art, as my life, moves in rhythm with natural processes and cycles of time and these are the dominant themes in my work. My working process is ritualistic and accretionary. I often include organic elements or recycled materials with real and implied transformations taking place in the work.  My work often alludes to natural processes such as growth and decay and often alludes to consumerism and materialistic culture. My work is often process-based and accumulative, humorous and playful.

These videos are a new direction for old drawing processes.  Constant scribbling, obsessive mark-making, and staining have been some of my favorite methods for creating drawings for almost two decades.  Using digital technology to record and manipulate my drawing process has allowed me to experiment with new ways of creating and experiencing the works.
DirectorJeffrey Allen PriceProducerJeffrey Allen Price


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