Karl Stewart - K 20

3:30, 2013, Video Art
Some would say water is a reflection of us. And though we walk by sources of water almost everyday, we frequently never notice what we are reflecting back onto its surface. K 20 is a video of reflected images in a nondescript fountain located outside the museum K 20 in Dusseldorf, Germany - thus the title of the video. It’s a part of my water period work and a continuation of my (Alice in Dusseldorf series)] http://impressionsofmovement.com/images-8/aliceindusseldorf.html. Other videos in the series include [(Flowing to Blue) vimeo.com/74524468 . (Images in a Nondescript Fountain) http://vimeo.com/77074947 and (Fish Red) http://vimeo.com/74511966 .
DirectorKarl F. StewartCameraKarl F. StewartEditorKarl F. StewartComposerJuan Carlos Mendizabal aka Kyron . http://www.deconstructionist.com/blacknote/index.htm

CountryGermanyEdition2013 ScreeningsContemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany 2013

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