Karl Baumann - Divergent shadows

3:43, 2012, Experimental
Divergent Shadows is a poetic imagining of someone overcome with wonder and dread in the face of new technologies. After going to the Zero1 Biennial in San Jose this year, one project that really stood out was the Denizen performance by Eve Warnock, Tina Matthews, and Colin McDonald. Within a sea of interactive and blinking digital art projects, their’s seemed to be a dark primitivist refusal of that utopian logic underlining a lot of new media art. I had written a review of the central "Seeking Silicon Valley" exhibition but wanted to explore alternative forms of representing the event. As a media artist and scholar, I wanted to think through this latent refusal of technology without using academic language. Here is the original article about the exhibition: imap.usc.edu/karl-baumann-on-seeking-silicon-valley/
DirectorKarl Baumann


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