Kianoosh Motallebi - Stripping whilst avoiding detection by a security light

10:06, 2007, Experimental
Fundamentally my work deals with how man can obtain knowledge and gain experience from his environment. Within my practice this ‘environment’ is interpreted in broad and flexible terms resulting in explorations in my surroundings through video work; or as I tap into scientific/industrial area’s of expertise; hoping to gain knowledge that is otherwise available to experts or those who are far better informed than me. In both instances I am interested how experimentation can contextualize our understanding of and control over natural and man made phenomena; revealing the relationship between our sensory and physical capabilities and how we interpret the world around us.

I see my video’s in particular as a practical method for gauging this relationship and determining the level of influence ‘I’ can exert on phenomena that operate independently of me. Setting up challenges between myself and my near surroundings, the scene is set of a ‘lone individual’ who engages with his surroundings as if for the first time, oblivious of their normal functioning; attempting to respond to them in a new way.

The video performance “undressing without triggering a security light” documents an hour attempt to ‘outsmart’ a security light by undressing in front of it without being ‘caught’. By moving slowly and carefully I attempt to proceed below the lamps detection threshold, remaining shrouded by the darkness of the night. As I fail and prepare for another attempt; the scene is lit elucidating the situation for the viewer, for were I to succeed nothing would be visible.
I am drawn to reread the built environment, attempting to look at it on a physical phenomenological level whilst probing for possibilities that lie beyond common use, an attempt to find something completely new amongst all the things that have already been made.
DirectorKianoosh Motallebi


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