Konstantin Elfimov - Give me future or give me death

5:40, 2008, Animation
Film shows an everyday struggle of a man, trying to create some beautiful pieces in his world, or escape it. along this way an abstract "evil" thing is destroying everything, always leaving the main character alone. at some point he feels desperate and tired, so the only thought he is capable of is "give me future or give me death". the end sequence shows his intention to destroy the camera, which keeps an eye on his life, letting the viewer to see everything he is doing. still, a lot of questions, raised in film, remain unanswered.
DirectorKonstantin Elfimov, Skvortsov RomanCameraKonstantin Elfimov, Skvortsov RomanEditorKonstantin ElfimovCrewKonstantin Elfimov
Skvortsov Roman
Sander van den Borne

CountryGermanyEdition2008 ScreeningsBreakpoint demoparty, bingen, germany

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