Kristina Paustian - Puella

7:46, 2009, Experimental
(puella is the chameleon-like effigy of all that can awaken spark delight in many men’s heart. those girls derive they identity mostly from other people’s projections of her self. like a doll puella lets them do whatever they wish with her life.)

the story runs in two theatrically produced parallel worlds. the film is a visualization of the emotional state of a girl and her discussion about the values.

DirectorKristina PaustianProducerKristina PaustianWriterKristina PaustianCameraKristina Paustian, Johannes GreisleEditorKristina PaustianCrewSound: Olga Koch
Light: Aleksandra Peeva, K. Paustian
Make Up: Aleksandra Peeva
Visual Effects: Aldo Möckel
Set Photography: Anton Werner

Starring: Katharina Forsch, Michael Fritz Bessen, Lena Uszkoreit


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