Krunoslav Pticar - Teletrope

13:03, 2011, Video Art
Teletrope is an audiovisual poem, ranging from abstract to concrete, that uses these light morphemes to speak about itself.
This project deals with the matter and reality of pictorial substances and audio-visual space ,within the frame of the screen.
The whole material used for the film is made by shooting a half hour random tv programs zapping .
Teletrope is an experimental film that tries to degrade and decompose the original image, take away the illusion of her materiality and spatiality,and subtract it form her meaning. Afterwards this extracted images has been treated like a substance to recrate a new order, estethique and discours with it.
DirectorKrunoslav Pticar/raphael BernabeuCameraKrunoslav PticarEditorKrunoslav PticarCrewRaphael Beranbeu

CountryFranceEdition2011 ScreeningsInternational Videofestival Bochum ,Germany
Dani Hrvatskog filma,Zagreb , Croatie

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