Katerina Mikulcova - Improevents 2011

14:18, 2011, Experimental
Experimental documentary film from dance and theatrical workshop with Ruth Zaporah and Lisa Nelson, placed in Prague in May 2011. The form is as experimental as workshop content. Be in your body, be your body, feel the space and people around you, be fast and slow, inside and outside. For all these things we havenĀ“t enough time in this crazy and busy world.
DirectorKaterina MikulcovaProducerKaterina MikulcovaWriterKaterina MikulcovaCameraKaterina MikulcovaEditorPetr UrbanCrewRidina Ahmed- music

CountryCzech RepublicEdition2011 ScreeningsThe opening of Studio Alta, Prague, 1st of September

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