Karim Morsy - Long live egypt

3:13, 2011, Documentary
After 18 Days of The Egyptian Revolution Finally The Dictator is out of the office and finally egypt is on the path of freedom a short documentary documents the spirit of those 18 days Establishing from the Down day , from A regular citizen point of view I am Karim Shaaban i was just holding my camera while participating in the process of freeing my country and after hearing the news of Mubarak is stepping down i went home quickly to edit and finalize this video to Cheer people up and uploaded the video the day that Mubarak stepped down 11 Feb 2011 unforgettable date
DirectorKarim ShaabanProducerKarim ShaabanCameraKarim ShaabanEditorKarim ShaabanCrewAssistant Producers : Ahmed Somaly,
Medhat Saad
Translation : Nourhan Ashraf

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