Karla Kracht - Live from the surface of the moon

3:30, 2010, Other
Live from the Surface of the Moon is an audiovisual live performance, where a mix of old, analogue lo-fi techniques deriving from visual arts and theatre (painting, use of mirrors, mirror, mini-stage, objects, lo-fi theatre lightning, analogue sound recordings) with contemporary live technologies (live camera, VJ tools, live video mix, midi for sound and image) is employed. The result is an organic, surrealistic and humorous journey through space and time. A live broadcast from the moon and the outer space around it.

Ilia Mayer creates dark and spooky sonic landscapes in real time, manufacturing distorted cacophonies from extraterrestrial worlds, samplers of unknown origin and proper electronic composition with the rhythm of a drum machine.

[[Karla Kracht]] transports us to the outer space, the Moon and its dark side, black holes... Using small, hand-painted sets of the moon’s surface as the scenery for this animation, Miniature paper characters surprise us with their unpredictable adventures. All this happens in real time, mixing stop-motion techniques, model constructions and light design with a videocamera and live cinema software.

The audience’s space is covered with carpets, where cushions are distributed. The spectators can lie down comfortably on the floor and listen to the music at whilst watching the ceiling projection. The relaxed posture assures a journey through time and space at almost zero gravity.

This film is a preview of a audiovisual live performance.

DirectorKarla Kracht & Ilia MayerProducerKarla KrachtWriterKarla KrachtCameraKarla KrachtEditorKarla KrachtCrewKarla Kracht - Moving Image/ Live Animation
Ilia Mayer - Music

CountrySpainSubtitlesNoneEdition2011 ScreeningsNOV 2011
Kassel Dokfilmfest - Kassel - Germany
latelier kunst(spiel)raum - Berlin - Germany
Altes Finanzamt - Berlin - Germany
SOWIESO - Berlin - Germany

OCT 2011
lab30 - Augsburg - Germany

JUN 2011
AlhondigaBilbao - Bilbao - Spain

MAR 2011
NIU - Barcelona - Spain

MISCELANEA - Barcelona - Spain
HAFEN2 - Offenbach - Germany
E-WERK - Erlangen - Germany

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Who is Karla Kracht?
Kracht is visual artist, working in video, illustration and animation. Educated in Germany, Spain and the UK, she lives and works in Barcelona. Her video-installations and live video performances have been exhibited in various festivals, art spaces and galleries around Europe. She works in collaborations with musicians, architects, dance companies, video artists and programmers. 
Remixing images she explores tensions between time, space and place and humorously creates new connections, addressing a collective memory. 
Recently, she created roomsized installations and projections for festivals and dance-theatre productions.

What is Live from the surface of the moon about?
An Audiovisual Journey through Space and Time.
A Mix of Video Footage, Live Animation and electronic Sound Landscapes takes the viewer on a  humorously bizarre and surrealistic journey about new and old theories of our the Moon’s mysteries. A small animation set, inhabited by "lunatics", is the main scene of this audiovisual performance.
A live video broadcast from the surface of the moon....

Could you explain how you work, what themes or concepts you use and what is important to you?
In a humorous way I try to answer questions concerning human existence, societies oddities. My inspiration comes from everyday live. The media, scenes that happen in the streets, bars and public spaces in the city. The lunatic facets of society, politics, are an important base of my work. It gets shaped by collecting, looking, walking, playing with the images, conceptual and physical, and juxtaposing them.

How important is sound in film, and if you use sounds, do you create your own or use existing?
I usually work with musicians and sound artists.

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