Liesbeth Verhoeven - My last party

7:01, 2007, Experimental
One of the alter egos of Liesbeth Verhoeven is Zilli Frish, a busy, stressed manager that has put herself this goal: coming to the core of her business and herself. She’s doing this by categorizing all her plans, ambitions, ideas and material things and then thickening them. ‘Party stuff’ and ’party clothes’ are two of the categories. On November 12, 2007 she’s celebrated her last party with these things, by herself.
DirectorLiesbeth VerhoevenCameraBas De LeijerEditorBas De Leijer

CountryNetherlandsEdition2011 ScreeningsKipvis, Middelburg, Netherlands, 2007 bART, ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, 2008 Chassé cinema, Breda, 2010 Between you&me (digital videoplatform), Tilburg, Netherlands, 2011

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