Laszlo Csernatony Lukacs - Nancy Brücke: Television Tower

58, 2015, Experimental
Nancy Brücke is an Experimental Space Music Group that reflects the feelings of urban life with visual and acoustic effects.
It was started in 2011 by Viktória Traub (motion designer) and László Csernátony Lukács.
The music is stressed and the theme changes cyclic. The repetative rythm of main theme impresses the illusion of rigour.
The name „Nancy Brücke" alludes to the german progressive music ways.
The video made during the residency of the Seoul Museum of Art (SEMA) Nanji.

The Television Tower is a strong icon of Seoul. The video is concerned with urban specificity that also hold a personal experience for Nancy Brücke. The videos reflect the high speed growth of the city.

DirectorLaszlo Csernatony Lukacs EditorViktoria Traub

CountryHungaryLanguagenoSubtitlesnoEdition2015 Screenings2015. BUS Video Festival, Mexico
2015. The King is Sold, TAT Gallery, Budapest
2015. No E. T., Klauzal13 Gallery, Budapest
2014. Seoul Museum of Art, Art Space in Nanji Residence, Seoul, South Korea

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