Lisa Hutton - London onion

2:14, 2006, Video Art
London Onion is inspired by Kurt Schwitters' text-sound poem and by my friend Jerome Rothenberg's reading of same.
DirectorLisa Hutton


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Who is Lisa Hutton?Hutton, M.F.A. In Visual Art from UCSD, is an independent San Diego based artist and designer working primarily in multimedia and web. Recent exhibitions include Digital Visions and Prog:ME. She has been getting along very well with computers since 1987 and is sometimes seen using rollerblades.

Why filmmaking?I make a lot of different things but I love things that move.

My work is about...London Onion is inspired by Kurt Schwitters" text-sound poem and by my friend Jerome Rothenberg"s reading of same. I thought both would benefit from a time based animation.

Financing your movie?I used educational software (After Effects) in a free computer lab in San Diego. You have to improvise and be creative.

New Media; a challenge for film makers?I would hope filmmakers would embrace new media because of the distribution potential but I am not strictly a filmmaker. I do not think we have begun to know the end results of new media. Guessing atm this is like guessing about stem cells and genetically modified food.

Individual film making or co-operation?I believe film making is a group effort. I do not have a specialty.

Digital or classic?I am digital person and sometimes use mini-DV.

All other remarksThank you for this opportunity! I love Holland--go Orange!

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