Lisa Hutton - Wings & things

1:00, 2005, Experimental
The video submitted here is from the series, "actions (after lewitt, baldessari, and kaprow)." inspired by the conceptual activities of these artists, this project considers the manner in which artistic labor can be integrated across two public environments--one in cyberspace and one in mission beach. the sentence by lewitt that informs this video is: "once the idea of the piece is established in the artist"s mind and the final form is decided the process is carried out blindly. there are many side effects that the artist cannot imagine. these may be used as ideas for new work." --sol lewitt from: sentences on conceptual art 1969
DirectorLisa HuttonProducerLisa HuttonWriterLisa HuttonCameraLisa HuttonEditorLisa Hutton

CountryUSAEdition2008 ScreeningsNone. available on-line since 2005.AwardsNone.

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