Lemeh Fortytwo - Study on human form and humanity #01

2:00, 2008, Video Art
This work has been first shot as a video performance on a theater stage, then it has been edited digitally. the title in fact refers to both the two phases of the work. as a recorded performance this work reflects on the human form. we have created a coreography based on the movements and positions of a sleeping body.
when a body is asleep it turns around like it is attempting to spin.
moreover, we have considered dreams as a determining factor that conditions the body movements.
digitally we have flatten the body on an old piece of paper.
the extreme importance of the piece of paper lies on the fact that this paper has been used by a person to write his/her dream.
the act of writing a dream is the clear manifestation of the uncertainty in which the human being lives his/her own existence and therefore his/her humanity.
DirectorLemeh Fortytwo

CountryItalyEdition2008 Compilation program (2006 2014) 2/3

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