Luana Visciglia - As angels under the snow

1:00, 2009, Video Art
The End of the Winter. The sun.
DirectorLuana ViscigliaProducerLuana ViscigliaWriterLuana ViscigliaEditorLuana ViscigliaCrewSound mix: Giuseppe Pagano


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Who is Luana Visciglia?
I’m a visual artist... ;-)

Your film is about?
A sad story... So sad! Sweet and sad.

How did you start with film? And do you have an educational background in art or film?
I painted bad bodies. I used to take pictures of bodies. Bodies’s story. People’s story. And so I began to shot... When I met my consciousness!

Could you explain how you work, what themes or concepts and what is important to you?
My work is my life... Just kidding!
I’m amused by child’s world. The fantasy in the child’s world. Everithing become a fairytale! But also the opposite!

Where do you get your ideas or influences from?
Gardens and fireflies!

How does the title relate to the work, and how do you find a fitting title?
I don’t know...

How does content relate to the form of your work?
The form is a kind of style that’s called video patchwork. Mental patchwork. Mental collages like child’s memories. Copy-Paste. Remeber the form.

How important is sound in film, and if you use sounds, do you create your own or use existing?
I am a little ’dull... ;-)

How do you finance your projects (by yourself, sponsors or subsidy)?
Myself. This.

Nowadays everyone with the right equipment can create videoart, good, bad or ugly?
Not everyone.

What possibilities of the web are yet to be explored? Which dangers do you see ahead?
It’s better to fall into the network that does not enter at all.

Video broadcasting platforms on the internet, why or why not?
Tv is dead.

In what category would you place your work; cinema or art. And is there a difference between those?
My work is inspired by cinema. But it’s not cinema. Perhaps not even art. But something is. Certainly.

How important is the reaction to your film by the audience?
Or you like it or dislike it... I don’t know.

What is your next project about?
I’m working on project about the guilt of Abel ...

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