Lindsey Graham - Cravings and triggers

3:00, 2010, Experimental
Cravings & Triggers is the second music video created for the band Lowlight, as part of their second visual album project, A Beautiful Lie: A Visual Album. Visually engaging, A Beautiful Lie: A Visual Album is a compilation of music videos representing each song on the band’s latest album, A Beautiful Lie. Individual directors were chosen by the band to interpret one of the songs on the album and create a video illustrating that interpretation. As a result A Beautiful Lie: A Visual Album is an anthology of imaginative, original videos representing the album.
Screened at The American Film Institute of Los Angeles in 2009, Cravings&Triggers won the audience choice award. Filmed in upstate New York, Cravings&Triggers is a stop motion animation that depicts a series of transformations involving the central character. Each event encountered by the character directly affects the next, suggesting that a stream of consciousness connects all, and the choices made can only lead to unknown possibilities.The running time is three minutes and fifty seconds.

The Beauty of Her started with an e-mail from the other side of the continent. I was asked to create a music video for the band Lowlight as part of a project called Bloodline: A Visual Album. The purpose of this project was to screen an albums worth of music videos in a theater thereby engaging an audience visually as well as aurally, experiencing the entire duration of the album entitled Bloodline. To accomplish this, Lowlight gave each song on the album to a different director. Each director used their own creative license to visually interpret their chosen song. The audience was asked to vote for their favourite video from among the eleven entries.

Screened at The Film Institute of Los Angeles in 2008, The Beauty of Her won the audience choice award. Filmed in a variety of locations. With a running time of two minutes, seventeen seconds, The Beauty of Her is a glimpse into the life and free spirit of a girl. Filming began in Brooklyn, New York. and ended in West Palm Beach, Florida in an effort to widen the scope of the story’s backdrop, enabling as many people as possible the opportunity to relate to her journey. Rather than seek to create a sense of time and place the goal was to avoid Zeitgeist and seek a sense of impermanence. Her view of the world is intrinsic to her existence and the inspiration for the musicians lyrics. Seeing the outside word as a separate experience from herself, The Beauty is seeing the mundane as magical, time as fleeting, and the past without looking back.
DirectorLindsey Graham


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Who is Lindsey Graham
Inspired by experience, I consider myself to be an artist who utilized whatever medium necessary to give life to a concept.
I am an animator, performer, dancer, painter, sculptor and mainly a video artist.

I first began using video as a medium while studying sculpture at SUNY Purchase (2003-2007). I believe that art has the potential to exist everywhere and can be created anywhere. This is one reason I am attracted to video. By using video as an artistic medium, I am given the freedom to capture the world around me in real time and then change it through editing.

I exploit mundane experiences by manipulating the relationships between sound, video, performance and linear time. I shoot intuitively and then find the common thread or story within the captured footage.
Ometimes I plan to incorporated a performance before I start filming.
These performances deal with a range of different themes and often use physical humor.

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