Laurent Gutierrez - Runscape

24:18, 2010, Experimental
RUNSCAPE is a political response to the current privatization and militarization of our cities. When running remain the only unbounded space in the urban field, a young man is constantly running in Hong Kong back alleys and left over spaces, revealing alternative route to the globalized and controlled urban spaces. Following the fragmented course of images, a narrative unfold the history of street fighting from the 19th century Parisians revolutions, 1968 and up to contemporary combat.
DirectorGutierrez Laurent + Portefaix ValerieProducerMap OfficeWriterGutierrez + PortefaixCameraGutierrez + PortefaixEditorGutierrez + PortefaixCrewActors: Yannick Ben, Gaspar Gutierrez
Narrator: Norman Jackson Ford
Music: A Roller Control

CountryHong KongSubtitlesEnglishEdition2010

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