Louise Todd - The search

12:04, 2011, Video Art
"The Search" utilises performativity as I excavate the earth, focusing on the process of perpetual searching.

Filtering through the earth by means of frantic and urgent actions, "The Search" never reaches a conclusion; nothing is found nor gained.

I am engaged in this futile attempt to search in order to both confront the pursuit my practice is continually associated with (as my work always involves a search) and reflect the searches we may encounter as individuals.

DirectorLouise ToddProducerLouise ToddWriterLouise ToddCameraLouise ToddEditorLouise ToddCrew-

CountryUnited KingdomSubtitles-Edition2011 ScreeningsVisual Arts Degree Show 2011, Northumbria University
Open, Millington|Marriott , New Gallery London

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