Melancholy Maaret - All the dead actresses recite the western canon for robert palmer on a 1982 homemade vhs

11:06, 2013, Video Art
ALL THE DEAD ACTRESSES RECITE THE WESTERN CANON FOR ROBERT PALMER ON A 1982 HOMEMADE VHS, is part of a multi-disciplinary installation examining presentational versus representational art, the death knell of liberal arts and the Western Canon, educational humanism, and art in a time of democratized homemade entertainment.

The work is also an examination of fetishistic scopophilia of woman as muse, the sublime eroticism and simultaneous misogyny of the male gaze in canonical art/literature/classical art theory, and in the 1980s nadir of music videos/amateur porn.

Who are we as a collective consumer culture, as artists and humanities professionals, after we supplant knowledge and imitation of historical art and culture with a presentation of the instantaneous and technology-based mirror?
DirectorMelancholy MaaretProducerMelancholy MaaretWriterMelancholy MaaretCameraMelancholy MaaretEditorMelancholy Maaret


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