Masanori Yamaguchi - Amaca

3:35, 2013, Video Art
Ancient Japan 
Civilization had flourished but people had many problem and anxiety .
Goddess gives people purification and wisdom.
Then people took hands each other. And people obtain better world.
This story will repeat many times like samsara .

DirectorKaori YamacuchiProducerMasanori YamaguchiWriterKaori YamacuchiCameraMasanori YamaguchiEditorMasanori YamaguchiComposerJin Hiyama / Go Hiyama (echoes Breath)CrewDirector / Actress  Kaori Yamaguchi
Director / Digital Artist Masanori Yamaguchi (REELVISION Ltd.) Reelvision.jp
Music Jin Hiyama & Go Hiyama (ECHOES BREATH Ltd.) Echoes-breath.com
Hair Make Up Artist Toshihiro Nagao
Costume Design Miki Katoh
Costume Cordinate Futaba Fashion Academy

CountryJapanEdition2013 BudgetLimited budget

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