Marco Schmitt - Panopticonthera subobscura

17:00, 2014, Fiction
Through a spiritual ritual, a shaman calls a flying drone, It arrives from the sun and becomes a spiritual tool of the shaman. It flies away, over the octagonally-planned residential community and transforms a police officer into a hybrid owl-human. It departs towards an Aztec plateau, where it enters a spiritual dance with the director and transforms him to a Jaguar. The director hypnotizes the drone and sends it through the sculpture „Disco Solar“ into the cosmos back to the origin.
DirectorMarco SchmittCrewShaman, Jaguar Nocturno Indigena Tlahuica, Cop & Owl, José Carlos Velazques Luna

CountryAustriaLanguageSpanishSubtitlesEnglishEdition2014 RedScreenings11.11.2014 * 28th INTERNATIONALES FILMFEST BRAUNSCHWEIG (Competition, Germany)

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