Margarita Novikova - Seasicknesses

15:32, 2013, Experimental
Video, 15 min. 32 sec., 16:9, sound, colour, English subtitles, 2013.

Filmed during one-month fake expedition in the Pacific Ocean with Russian scientists who pretended to research the consequences of the Fukushima’s cataclysm after a year and a half after the accident. I call it fake because from its very beginning it was clear from the captain explanations that the area was clean: the directions of the winds and currents had been explored and were well known. An artist started collecting the images of the moving ocean. The rhythm and sound of the ocean masses came into conflict with everyday people’s thoughts, talks and actions. The travelers’ talks were collected as well. The largeness and greatness of the ocean with its cosmic rhythm of eternity was opposed to small human beings on the ship and by the sea. The voices of sailors, scientists and poachers are reasoning, discussing, talking with each other about some simple things and sometimes questionable dealings while the "great water" - the ocean - lives its own life.

DirectorMargarita NovikovaCameraMargarita NovikovaEditorMargarita Novikova

CountryRussiaLanguageRussianSubtitlesEnglishEdition2014 PurpleScreeningsBerlin, FIM FIM FIM screening

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