Martyna Starosta - Pyromaniac exercises

10:30, 2009, Fiction
PYROMANIAC EXERCISES is a funny-hysterical fairy-tale about power, impotence and terror. It’s about the ability to connect pyromany with telepathy in order to put multinational enterprises on fire without even leaving the house.
DirectorMartyna StarostaProducerMartyna StarostaWriterMartyna StarostaCameraRobert MleczkoEditorMartyna Starosta & Robert Mleczko

CountryGermanyEdition2009 ScreeningsSubstitute Galerie, Berlin
Diploma Exhibition, University of Arts Berlin
Tape Modern No.9, Berlin,
Tehran Biennale, Belgrad (Serbia)
Instituto Cultural Itaú, Belo Horionte & Vitória (Brasil)
Rundgang, University of Arts Berlin

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