Marlijn Franken - Blue medusa

5:07, 2011, Video Art
Abstracted footage of nature and structures synced to the composition Medusa Excerpt,
with added filters to strengthen the imagery.
Images and sound are created as a collaboration project.
The composition is a variation based on Louis Vierne’s Pieces des fantaisie pour orgue Suite IV opus 55 - pièce 3.

ferrie = differentieel is a pseudonym of Ferrie Maaswinkel. differentieel comes from a ’switching mechanism’ and in his case means switching between different artistic disciplines. In collaboration project ’Blue Medusa’ Marlijn Franken and ferrie have found each other in a visual collaboration. His contribution to this project is the soundtrack. A shortened version of the much longer 27 minutes of ’Medusa’ the delayed execution of Louis Vierne’s "Fantaisiepour Orgue des Pièces, IV Suite, Opus 55 - Pièce 3 ’ inertia perfectly matched the beautiful video images of Marlijn. alignment of the scenes in the music was in close mutual consent. Ferrie has a long history as a painter and designer, but decided in 2007 rigorously to painting with sound. From this change many pieces of music have been emerged. Most them available on his website http://audio.dailym.net

DirectorMarlijn Franken, Ferrie = DifferentieelProducerMarlijn Franken, Ferrie = DifferentieelWriterMarlijn Franken, Ferrie = DifferentieelCameraMarlijn FrankenEditorMarlijn FrankenComposerferrie = differentieelCrewferrie = differentieel: music

CountryNetherlandsSubtitles-Edition2011 Screenings-part of exhibition Blue, WGKunst (Amsterdam 2011)
-plant of future metro station De Pijp (Amsterdam 2012)

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