Marlijn Franken - Surprise in amsterdam red light district

6:38, 2012, Narrative
Duet of a little musicboat and the carillon of an old church tower.
Biking along an Amsterdam canal I heard a trumpet playing, which is not so strange in a big city. But...the trumpet got an answer...of the chimes in the 17th century Old Church Tower. Amazing!! I grabbed my camera (Canon XF 100) and started filming. Later that week I had the chance to join the carillonist up on the tower. Enjoy!

DirectorMarlijn FrankenProducerMarlijn FrankenWriterMarlijn FrankenCameraMarlijn FrankenEditorMarlijn FrankenCrewReinier Sijpkens, Water Musician
Boudewijn Zwart, Carillonneur

CountryNetherlandsSubtitlesEnglishEdition2012 BudgetNo budgetScreeningsPlease check my artist pageAwardsNominated best short doc 2014 at Shortcutz Amsterdam

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