Massimo Premuda - Popcorning

2:46, 2008, Experimental
Popcorning of Massimo Premuda is a unique staging. The difference with previous projects is mainly that instead of toys or objects trouvées, a living being on this occasion appears as a symbolic object - a Guinea pig. This animal is here a background figure which occupies a cell structure reminiscent of a specimen of the dwelling of urbanised man. The animals act naturally in coincidental positions. The positions are in themselves empty of meaning, but we can recognise in them situations from human everyday life.

Popcorning is an expression which characterises a peculiarity in the behaviour of a Guinea pig that sometimes, when it feels good, suddenly leaps, which is supposed to be reminiscent of an explosion of popcorn in a hot pot. With simple word play and concealed humour, in the second part of the installation, the author shifts the view to the interior of home life.

Massimo Premuda of course does not offer answers and solutions for everyday life in this work. In his already recognisable style, he comments on some behavioral patterns in society and, with convincing visual language, sets before us charming images, which conceal under their sugary exterior also layers of other aromas and tastes.
Vasja Nagy
DirectorMassimo Premuda


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