Michael Davies - Balance machine 1

4:09, 2011, Video Art
Disrupted graphics code set to a soundtrack of ambulance radio and bees.

This project started with some Flash demo code that i was trying to learn. I soon realised that it was more interesting to see what happened if i randomly rearranged and deleted the code... most of the time it crashed the computer, but occasionally there would be a few seconds of chaotic flickering, very sensitive to mouse movements. 10 years later i found the code again, and captured some video of it. i had some sounds also lying around, and so, sometimes it takes a while for things to come together, there is no rush.

There is a rush. someone is dying of an abdominal wound. They are dying. There is an ambulance, finding it’s way down the road, like a swarm of bees. i remember the film Bringing Out The Dead, the view of the road without end, the lights flying past, the stillness.

the morse code messages are not from the hurt or the lonely or the ones who save us. perhaps, they are just sounds, with no source and no direction. they are the sounds of our lives collapsing and our streets decaying. but there is hope

we should listen to these messages, they might have truths to tell about ourselves.
DirectorMichael Davies

CountryUnited KingdomEdition2011

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