Pieter Geenen - Pulsation

14:30, 2011, Video Art
Imprinted on the mountains of Northern Cyprus, the landmark of a Turkish Cypriot flag identifies the landscape. As it is ever present and visible from almost every part of the island, this flag is acting as a continuous provocation to the Greek Cypriots on the other side of the UN buffer zone since the military division of Cyprus. ’pulsation’ shows a nocturnal view over the city of Nicosia, looking from Greek to Turkish Cyprus, with the flag rising above the city. When night falls, it starts resonating like a strong heartbeat over the landscape, in both vision and sound. In ’pulsation’ its nightly appearance has actually been made audible. The view we have is united with the sound this flag is generating by means of its operating system, right on the spot where it is stretched out on the slopes of the northern mountain range.
DirectorPieter Geenen

CountryBelgiumEdition2011 ScreeningsKASKcinema, Ghent (BE), 2011 CIAP, Hasselt (BE), 2011 Freestate, Oostende (BE), 2011

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