Pierre Wayser - Tribulation i

8:12, 2011, Video Art
Tribulations 1 has been shot in China in winter 2002.
This tribulation began at the "dam of the Three Gorges" on the Yangtze river, a year before the valley was flooded.

From Yichang to Chongqing, going up the stream, the ferry had many stops.
At that time, every cities along the river were destroyed by hand in a huge mass relocation of towns and villages.

Over 1.13 million people where displaced by the rising waters.
The dam was completed in the summer of 2006, and the water level in the Qutang, Wuxia, and the western portion of the Xiling Gorges has already begun to rise.
In addition to the impacts of the dam on the ecology and people of the region, the dam will also change the scenery of the Three Gorges.

DirectorPierre Wayser


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