Pooja Iranna - Swaas and another new beginning

10:00, 2010, Experimental
"SWAAS" - Duration: 03:45
The video is a single channel video. Animation 3.45 min long. It is a single building breathing. Takes our attention towards the spaces we live in and create. These are alive and breathing just like us. They might be standing mute for some but they are there and carry vibrations which we usually are ignorant of.
"Another New Beginning" - Duration: 07:50
Calm and composed
Upright it stands, in perfect harmony
Amidst the ups and downs of life
Unshaken, unstirred by its cacophony
Wapped in a veil of disconcerted conceit
Till it can take no more...
Weighed down by the baggage of history,
Its head bends low...
Withered, Disfigured it stands,
Fatigued by this indefinite facade
Identity endangered,
Foundation wavering,
It closes its eyes
Awaiting the final demise...

It wakes up to a new dawn
Nestled in the arms of love...
The waves splashing,
Knocking at its doorstep,
Their roar luring it back into the pitfall
But it sails through...
The rose pink of the sky shielding it,
guiding it to new shores
It sails forth...
In search of new destinations...
Unexplored horizons...
to carve a niche
to be at Home....
DirectorPooja IrannaProducerPooja Iranna


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