Przemek Wegrzyn - Black t

6:32, 2010, Experimental
Black Trinitron is a name of an old TV set from artist’s family house. It’s technology was based on a structure of vertical lines. The TV set is completely out-of-order. The image is destroyed, colors are changed, but also the structure of vertical lines is visible. The technology was reduced to it’s basic form.
The TV is used to display the footage that shows artist’s grandmother. In her last years she suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and she was loosing contact with the outer world. She lost her memories, language abilities and most of advanced mind skills. Her skills were reduced to simple emotional signals.
The footage was recorder in the last year of her life. The TV stands on the table in the room where she lived
DirectorPrzemek WegrzynProducerPrzemek WegrzynCameraPrzemek WegrzynEditorPrzemek Wegrzyn

CountryPolandEdition2011 ScreeningsWRO Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, PL
Now & After, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, RU
Les Instants Video, Marseille, FR
Naoussa International Film Festival, Naoussa, GR

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