Paul O’donoghue - Phasing waves

6:50, 2011, Experimental
Recorded live in the experimental TV Studio New York using 80’s technology, simple tones, buzzes and glitches are transformed into visual representations via voltage controlled video synthesis. The sound creates the image, what you see is what you hear. When three of these recordings are juxtaposed, new rhythmic and harmonic, audio visual complexities emerge.
DirectorPaul O’donoghueProducerPaul O’donoghueEditorPaul O’donoghue

CountryIrelandEdition2011 ScreeningsFlexIFF Experimental Film Festival. Sydney, Australia. Sept 2011
Exis Experimental Film & Video Festival, Seoul, Korea. Sept 2011
ICMC International Computer Music Conference Aug 2011
FILE Electronic Language Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil. July 2011
Open Eyes International Film Festival, Germany. July 2011

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